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Adding Wood to the Fire

by Kathy Ford

With candid writing and over sixty pages of rich color illustrations, author Kathy Ford offers an inspiring account of how art and life come together to be seen. Part tale of artist finding voice, of quiltmaking proces, and of awakening, the heart of this book is a story of creative spirit.

“Adding Wood to the Fire, A Quiltmaker’s Way celebrates the creative spirit and puts into words what quilters know intuitively. Being committed to an artistic practice is a way of life and a metaphor for life. The book perfectly captures the connections between life choices and artistic choices. By artfully stitching together personal history with the making of quilts, the book illustrates how enriching and cathartic the creative process can be. Pushing boundaries, taking risks, letting go — all are themes that surface in both quilts and in life. By piecing together her life experiences and her quilts in this memoir, Kathy has given more meaning to both.”
—Donna Lamb Executive Director, Schweinfurth Art Center and Quilting by the Lake