An Imprint of CollectiveCopies

Collective Copies and Levellers Press introduce 
Off the Common Bookshop in Amherst

The Off the Common Bookshop will have its grand opening on Thursday, May 1! Click here to learn more.

Current Titles for Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Danger at the Gates: An Alice Ott Mystery

You Come Too: A Tribute to a Beloved Horse

Kissability: People with Disabilities Talk About Sex, Love, and Relationships

Johnny Pail Face Becomes a Human Being

The Constant Heart

Postmonitions of a Peripatetic Professor

Trees of New England

Night With It's Owl

The Physicist's Cat

Impetuous Heart

Earth Matters

Better Together

Murmur & Crush

The Curse

The Wealth of the Commons

The Education of a White Parent: Wrestling with Race and Opportunity in the Boston Public Schools

Wholesale Rates for Bookstores and Bulk Rates for community groups available:
Click here to email us or call 413-992-7408.

Spring & Summer 2012 Releases

Combat Related Post Traumatic Disorder: A Holistic Approach

Valley Vegetables: Recipes for Forty of the Pioneer Valley’s Vegetables

Poems for Marisa

Nuked A G.I. Memoir

The Dangers of Passion

This Caravaggio

Autumn 2011 Releases

This Road Will Take Us  Closer to the Moon

The Breathless Present:  A Memoir in Four Movements

Girls Got Kicks

Spring & Summer 2011 Releases

Learning in Mrs. Towne’s House

Nightly, at the Institute of the Possible

High Lonesome

Called to Serve

2009 & 2010 Releases

Slavery in the Connecticut Valley of Massachusetts

Enough of a Little to Know the All

Caring for Dying  Loved Ones

No Bosses Here

Vital Aging

Bird of a Thousand Eyes